About Us


Hi guys, my name is Mary Brady. I am the founder of HousewifeZone.

Just like many people out there, my interests are listening to music, travelling with my family, writing blogs especially writing about housework. I will quote a story of my husband (who has inspired me to create this blog):

When I look back on my childhood, no doubt that my mother would have been a firm believer in value of household chores. My sister, Dee Dee, and that i cleaned up your home nightly after dinner. We had been assigned weekly tasks like dusting and vacuuming to be completed on Saturdays. We had arrived anticipated to make up our beds and keep our bedrooms clean. And after that, Mom found other seasonal chores to give us weeding, raking leaves, sweeping the deck, plus more.

Since a child think, I shared my mother’s belief in the value of chores? You know they don’t! I grumbled and complained and whined. But I did them.

The truth is, I still help with housework. And for that my partner, Mary, is very grateful … to my mom. I’ve heard her say often to friends, “I’m fortunate that my husband had a mom who made him work at home”.

However, in my opinion, housework is very diversity, and everyone in your family can do it. So, I created this website to provide you plenty of household tips I already know. You can find a lot of informative articles, great tips and insights on this blog.

Thank you & Best Regards,